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Jeff Glatz | New Album | Disappear

In 2016, Glatz released Multiverse, a 4-track solo EP of lush compositions that Bob Andrews of Undertow Music Collective called "a beautiful sonic landscape," and Jonathan Segal (Camper Van Beethoven, Sparklehorse) described as "really nice, dreamy and heavy." The recording included three original love songs juxtaposing earnest lyrics with a wistful, multilayered production, and closed with a slowed-down, ethereal cover of A.A. Bondy's "Lover's Waltz." Recorded by Steve Tagliere (Gingersol) in Katy, Texas, the tracks were mixed by Duane Lundy of Shangri-La Productions, in Lexington, Kentucky, whose work with Jim James, Ben Sollee and These United States drew Glatz to him. Lundy's knack for delicate, atmospheric touches was right in line with Glatz's production ideas for these deeply personal songs, making it a perfect creative fit.

Glatz was so impressed with Lundy's work on Multiverse that he headed to Kentucky to have Lundy record and mix his first solo LP, Disappear, scheduled for release in the fall of 2019. The recording took two trips, during which Glatz fell in love with Lexington and the entire team Lundy brought together to work on it.

"Obviously, Duane’s background speaks for itself — he’s a musical visionary, and produces amazing work," Glatz says. "But, beyond that, he has a gift for making an artist feel instantly comfortable and confident. He’s generous in the sense that he is absolutely without pretense, and is wide open to ideas. That freed me up to be myself and create without self-consciousness. He knew just the right musicians to bring to the project — not only incredible talent, but an awesome bunch of people. I was inspired by each of them, and, by the end of both visits, it felt like I’d known them for years."

Disappear includes six original tracks by Glatz and a joy-filled cover of Mason Jennings' "Between the Lines." Glatz hopes the dynamic rhythms and multilayered sound give each track something of a luminous glow.

He says, "These are honest and straightforward songs about love and all that can come with it — satisfaction, insecurity, bliss, hopefulness, melancholy and peace. But they're based on pure, raw emotions that are simple and heartfelt. Some are stories I’ve had in my head for a while. Singing them feels like I’m telling truth without a filter, even when it’s not necessarily my truth. Either way, it was very therapeutic to make, and I'm excited for people to hear it."

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